Comparative Arguement The Nibelungenlied and Yvain

Comparative Arguement The Nibelungenlied and Yvain -...

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Comparative Argument Paper Personal honor is one of the most valuable traits a person can acquire, yet “honor is like an island, rugged and without shores; once we have left it, we can never return” (Boileau). In The Nibelungenlied and Yvain , Queen Kriemhild and Queen Laudine, respectively, had lost their husbands because the honor of another man was at stake. For two individuals, if their husbands had continued to live, there is a strong possibility that their honor may be destroyed. As explained by the quotation, honor is a characteristic which is extremely, if not impossible, to reacquire once it is lost or is threatened, so individuals are willing to do anything to hold on to it or prevent another man from losing it entirely. In these two novels, both Queens experienced identical losses of their husbands because their individual death meant the honor for another man. However, the manner in which the Queens reacted differed in their ideology in making their decision on how to respond. In both novels, Queen Kriemhild and Queen Laudine had both suffered similar tragedies in losing their husbands, and the motive of each death was very similar to one another. In both instances, the husbands had lost their lives by individuals whom sought to withhold the honor of another man. For example, in Yvain Lord Yvain was on a quest to regain the honor of Knight Calogrenant who had been challenged by another knight after he had poured water on the rock by the magic spring, which brought about a vicious 1
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storm to the knight’s land. To end the battle, Calogrenant had been overthrown by the
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Comparative Arguement The Nibelungenlied and Yvain -...

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