But i have someone ive hired at the vp level who is

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Unformatted text preview: bjective. I have to work very hard to be neutral—I mean I obviously have opinions, but I try to work very hard to make sure the right thing is happening for the company and not have it be like a personal agenda. That’s not going to work. So it’s been a genuine learning experience. I continue to learn. McKinney and his team also took the lead in evaluating pan-HP strategic initiatives for the company, such as the company’s strategy for getting further involved in the challenging but potentially lucrative markets in China. McKinney said: “That market is absolutely critical. We felt we have been too fragmented. We showed up too much as four product groups and not one company. [My team has] somewhat umpired who is leading the China team and Asia/Pacific team, and making sure the right issues get in front of the Executive Council.”33 McKinney used the example of China to describe the complicated balance that he maintains with other executives: The China manager doesn’t work for me. But I have someone I’ve hired at the VP level who is very experienced in Asia, [and] who is now working with those teams. My greatest fear in taking this job was that it would be hard to get the support I’d need from other executives. I have known some of these executives for a long time, some I haven’t known nearly as long. Obviously, in my kind of role, if you don’t have the support of the people on the team it’s hard to get anything done. But I have to say it’s been fantastic. I’ve found the team is really very appreciative and they see the value-add and it’s working well. In November 2003, HP announced that McKinney would retire from HP at the end of the year. Upon McKinney’s departure, the change management team was moved under the direction of Shane Robison, the CTO. Robison also managed corporate mergers and acquisition and the overall strategy process, thus aligning strategy and execution (change management). 33 A group of HP senior executives that works with HP’s chairman and CEO Carly Fiorina to set strategy for the company. This document is authorized for use by Xiaolei Cong, from 11/30/2012 to 2/28/2013, in the course: MGMT 237: 001 Management of Technology - Chaudhuri (Spring 2013), University of Pennsylvania. Any unaut...
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