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Unformatted text preview: one company. But we also had to actively get those moose on the table and work them. This was something Carly was very good at doing. To help speed the cultural integration of the two companies, HP included a Cultural Integration Team (CIT) within the overall Clean Team. The CIT launched “Fast Start,” a program of merger integration workshops led by facilitators and held at the level of individual employee teams, designed to help employees get to know each other, understand and align themselves with the company’s strategy and identify and deal with “hot spots”—likely sources of contention that employees would face as HP got down to the job of integrating Compaq and HP together. Every HP employee was required to attend a Fast Start workshop. One product of the Fast Start effort was the “Fast Value” program, one-to two-day focused sessions designed to help employees learn to work horizontally across the post-merger HP.23 Naming the team. The difficult job of selecting which executives from HP or Compaq would assume the top jobs at the combined company fell to the integration team. They accomplished the task and announced the names before the merger became official. In April 2002, a month before the merger took effect, HP released the names of the 150 senior managers who would lead the combined organization around the world—assuming the merger became official. These were the senior managers who would fill key positions in HP’s four business groups and the company’s global corporate functions. Along with quick decisions about who would occupy important positions at the merged company, pre-merger HP and pre-merger Compaq also offered retention bonuses to selected employees in order to help the integration effort. Pre-merger HP’s retention bonuses extended from executive officers to managers and some rank-and-file employees. In all, pre-merger HP and pre-merger Compaq awarded retention bonuses to about 8,200 employees, with executives accounting for only 10 percent of t...
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