Fiorina chose harry webb mckinney a longtime hp

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Unformatted text preview: mpaq in that regard.18 Plunkett also observed that top management used the challenges the acquisition faced, including the proxy fight, as a kind of rallying call. He said that because they had an “outside enemy to fight” the two teams started very early on to work together as one team. Appointing the Integration Leaders In August 2001, a month before the acquisition was announced, Fiorina and Capellas each selected an executive from their respective companies to co-lead the integration effort. Fiorina chose Harry “Webb” McKinney, a longtime HP veteran who ran worldwide sales and marketing for enterprise accounts. Capellas selected Jeff Clarke, at that time Compaq's chief financial officer. McKinney and Clarke in turn assembled a 30-person integration team and set out to create and execute a plan to blend a single company out of two longtime rivals. The two worked together so closely that HP and Compaq employees referred to the executives collectively as “Weff.” Ann Baskins, senior vice president and general counsel, pointed out that for antitrust reasons, companies are allowed to plan for the integration, but cannot integrate until they have clearance. She said that, consequently, Fiorina early on decided to leave the legal function out of the integration planning. She wanted to make sure that the legal teams of each company would continue to represent only their company during the time that the merger was waiting to get clearance. But each legal team served up a lawyer to act as counsel to their respective member of the “Weff” team. Jeff Clarke, who became HP’s executive vice president, Global Operations, himself a former employee of Compaq-acquiree Digital Computer Corporation (DEC), was in a good position to compare this merger with other similar technology mergers. Clarke said consolidation drove the HP-Compaq merger and pointed to similar mergers in the past: “If you looked at what [former IBM chairman and CEO] Louis Gerstner had done at IBM, it was clearly significant at consolidation. In fact at Digital, signifi...
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