I intended to dive right into the new management 18

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Unformatted text preview: cant consolidation had made us again an interesting property to Compaq, and most recently Capellas and I at Compaq had done significant restructuring to make Compaq an interesting entity to other players.”19 Clarke recalled what he learned from his experience as a DEC employee at the time that company was acquired by Compaq: “Going back a little bit, I found myself at the Digital level embracing the new Compaq culture very quickly and obviously rising to a strong position in that company and I intended to do the same at HP. I intended to dive right into the new management 18 All quotes from Dan Plunkett are from the authors’ interview on September 8, 2003. Subsequent quotes from this interview will not be cited. 19 All quotes from Jeff Clarke are from the authors’ interview on September 18, 2003. Subsequent quotes from this interview will not be cited. This document is authorized for use by Xiaolei Cong, from 11/30/2012 to 2/28/2013, in the course: MGMT 237: 001 Management of Technology - Chaudhuri (Spring 2013), University of Pennsylvania. Any unauthorized use or reproduction of this document is strictly prohibited. HP and Compaq Combined: In Search of Scale and Scope, SM-130 p. 13 team, put whatever biases I had in my historic stovepipe of Compaq behind me and embrace the new structure and I think that really helped.” Looking back from the perspective of the summer of 2003, Webb McKinney discussed the elements of the deal that aided its success. McKinney said: The companies had essentially the same strategies. As the teams got together and discussed this, they said, boy, this is a perfect fit from a current product point of view and also the same basic strategy to move to industry standards and open systems and the belief that the services part of the business was very strategic and that customers were looking for more total solutions. And it seemed like every place we looked, we saw these really nice fits and then, on top of that, you have the overall efficiencies. You only need one CEO, you only need one country ma...
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