Mckinney recalled initially we just pulled this team

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Unformatted text preview: ompany developed was change management. For much of his last year with HP, McKinney was in charge of the Program Management Office (PMO), a small group of executives helping to drive changes associated with the merger. The PMO reported directly to the Steering Committee. Said McKinney: “We certainly learned that there is a big difference between just sort of sending a note out saying we’ve decided to do this and having dedicated teams really focused on making sure the change is managed well.” McKinney next led the strategic change and global excellence office. The team focused on developing and disseminating operational excellence particularly in the areas of global citizenship, organizational effectiveness, emerging market strategies and internal communications at HP around the world. This new capability was not planned in the clean room, or the executive suite, but rather emerged in the wake of the integration effort. McKinney recalled: Initially, we just pulled this team together in order to plan and drive this integration. Our aim was just to get it done. But our success made us realize that we had figured out how to change across a large complex company. We got about six or nine months into this and Carly and I had a discussion and she said, you know, I think we’re on to something here, let’s keep driving forward. We realized that we needed to keep this capability because the merger is not the end of the journey, it’s only the beginning of the latest chapter. McKinney ran a staff of fewer than 10 employees whose role it was to examine and improve organizational effectiveness across the entire expanded company. The team worked with both group managers and functional managers in the field. McKinney explained: We have worldwide governance around finance, HR and IT, so we have to make sure this whole model is working out. And right from the beginning, even back in the planning phases, I’ve tried to focus mainly on the intersections between the organizations. Most of what my team is doing now is not comple...
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