On the other hand fiorina said there are areas that

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Unformatted text preview: om its workforce. Workers thought that HP was above the industry norm in seven categories, at industry norm in two categories and below industry norm in four categories. (Exhibit 6) HP’s leaders were encouraged by the results of the survey. Susan Bowick said in an interview, “It was a really pleasant surprise. We had no idea what we were going to hear back, and it’s fairly risky to tell everybody that you’re going to get to weigh in on how we did and what else we need work on.”27 In a follow up survey conducted in March 2004, even more employees, this time 77 percent, responded. According to Fiorina, the 2004 survey revealed that “most employees now understand the companywide strategy and can support HP’s image in the marketplace—our focus on this area in the past year resulted in large improvements.” On the other hand, Fiorina said, “there are areas that require our focused attention” including “empowerment of managers and employees” and “simplification of systems and processes.”28 The External View: Customer Perspectives Doug Moore, senior VP of Operations and former senior merchandiser, responsible for buying printers and scanners, for Circuit City, a consumer electronics retailer with over $10 billion in annual sales, described his experience with HP over the years: My sense is that the merger complemented the companies. Compaq had the ability to make decisions on the fly, while HP was good at planning. They seem to have retained the best of both cultures, while making the change seamless to us customers. We experienced the merger through the eyes of a small number of HP and Compaq people we worked with on a day-to-day basis. There were times when 27 28 Source of Bowick quote is an internal HP communication. “Voice of the Workforce,” HP internal communication from Carly Fiorina, posted June 2, 2004. This document is authorized for use by Xiaolei Cong, from 11/30/2012 to 2/28/2013, in the course: MGMT 237: 001 Management of Technology - Chaudhuri (Spring 2013), University of Pennsylvania. Any unauthorized use or reproduction of this document is strictly prohibited. HP and Compaq Comb...
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