Plunkett said hp saw itself and the evidence

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Unformatted text preview: uch as her CFO, was helped by the thoroughness of her approach. Dan Plunkett, an experienced external consultant and longtime personal advisor of Fiorina observed: “Carly is very systematic. She is a very planning leader, both on a large scale and on the tactical level. We got involved directly with the due diligence of understanding the two cultures, the two sets of leadership, how they would fit together and what would be needed to make these teams work effectively as one team.” Plunkett said: HP saw itself, and the evidence supported that view, as a culture of consideration, thoughtfulness, and planning—a more careful culture. Compaq saw itself more as a culture of “ready, shoot, aim.” They were much quicker to act. They debated less, discussed less, and considered less before they took action. And HP saw itself as quite different from that. There were some other quite interesting findings. For instance, there was a perception that Compaq held their people more accountable than HP. [But] as we looked into the two cultures, the Compaq people admitted that they certainly had room to grow in that area, and that HP was not quite as bad as people perceived it as far as delivery and sense of accountability, responsibility. And I think that was largely due to the progress that HP had made in the couple of years before the Compaq acquisition came about. It was a culture that had become This document is authorized for use by Xiaolei Cong, from 11/30/2012 to 2/28/2013, in the course: MGMT 237: 001 Management of Technology - Chaudhuri (Spring 2013), University of Pennsylvania. Any unauthorized use or reproduction of this document is strictly prohibited. HP and Compaq Combined: In Search of Scale and Scope, SM-130 p. 12 much more accountability-oriented, much more aggressive, much more willing to take risks, at least among the leadership of the organization, and much more in touch with the customer and the competition. Compaq was perceived as much more customer and competitor focused than HP. In fact, the HP that bought Compaq no longer fit the old perception—it was much closer to Co...
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