They knew that there would be no debate over the

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Unformatted text preview: on. The people whose jobs were eliminated when their products were dropped knew that they could look for other jobs in the company. This Adopt-and-Go process stopped the politicking, it allowed for speed of execution and that was the pivotal part of our ability to accelerate the savings. Because in this industry there is no time for studying these things and re-engineering 10,000 processes in a market that is moving at this rate. We had to move towards executing and Adopt-and-Go gave great clarity to the field. Adopt-and-Go improved the focus of 99 percent of the combined HP-Compaq employees who worked outside of the Clean Teams. They knew that there would be no debate over the clean room decisions. Their job was to execute the clean room decisions. And that allowed us to get enormous speed in the first six months, which obviously led to good financial performance. People weren’t debating, they weren’t politicking; they were executing, because they had plans in front of them of what to do. That was a key part of the secret sauce. Launch-and-Learn. Susan D. Bowick, HP’s executive vice president of Human Resources and Workforce Development, and a 25-year veteran of HP pointed out that “A big part of the Tandem/Digital and HP cultures was you don’t take a step until you’re 100 percent sure that you know what’s going to happen.”22 But HP was not going to have the luxury of taking time to get everybody to such high levels of certainty around the many decision that would have to be made. So, to complement the Adopt-and-Go approach the teams also developed a Launch-and-Learn mentality, a way of taking action that was “fast and good enough.” Launch the Moose. Bowick also spoke about some of the more delicate and complex challenges involved in getting teams drawn from employees from two very different companies to work together to do a hard job. Along with approaches such as Adopt-and-Go and Launch-and-Learn, she discussed another hallmark of the HP-Compaq integration called “Launch the Moose” to help the company deal better with conflict. She explained: It only took us probably two meetings until we started having problems around differences of opinion over how...
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