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Unformatted text preview: integration shows a microcosm of the entire integration challenge. Karolczak explained how they tackled the IT integration. Within the clean room, we had the challenge to put ourselves in the place of a customer, put ourselves in the place of an employee, a sales rep, put ourselves in the place of someone in the operations somewhere in, say, China looking forward to day one. What are you going to want to do? You are going to want to collaborate, you’re going to want to start talking to other employees. If you’re a manager, you’re going to want to walk into every building independent of the premerger heritage and be immediately recognized and productive when you plug in. As a customer you’re going to expect to go to compaq.com and see hp.com. As an analyst, you’re going to expect to see an integrated set of books. As an employee you’re going to expect to see an integrated HR or view to the customer. In a merger, networking is also your biggest anchor. When you think about IT, the easiest way to look at it, and one of the first things we did in terms of the integration, was divide it into domains. You can manage domains. So the most obvious split is you divide infrastructure from applications. Take product orders for example. You start moving back to how every single order, be it an electronic order, a physical order, or an Internet order is handled in process. How every single order is fulfilled across every product category in every country in which we do business, to retail channels, commercial channels, and to direct partners. How every single part is bought and how every single customer and product and financial asset is actually managed in the company. In the application space, you have such tremendous complexity. Very highly integrated value chain across both companies; from the traditional supply chain to your management, what we would call your quote to cash or customer to cash ecosystem, your financial backbones. Add to this all of your decision support systems and everything...
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