Siegfried Character Analysis

Siegfried Character Analysis - Character Analysis "`He...

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Character Analysis “‘He is so valiant and has performed so many marvels thanks to his bodily strength that it is best to have his friendship’” (Hatto 28). This quotation was one of the first remarks Hagen had when describing whom Siegfried is to the lords of Burgundy. Siegfried is portrayed as a man with so much bravery and virtue that it is best to have his companionship because if not, he has the potential to destroy them. Siegfried is the epic hero in the medieval poem The Nibelungenlied who encompasses many strengths and weaknesses, human and superhuman traits, and characteristics that are represented in society at the present era. Siegfried is a renown warrior throughout the western world and is famous for “[slewing] a dragon and [bathing] in its blood, from which his skin grew horny so that no weapon will bite it” (Hatto 28). His impenetrable skin gives him a superhuman advantage when he battles other warriors because it is as if he is invincible. Although this trait is not human, it appears to act as a metaphor. This inhuman skin is representing the power he has and causes the appearance of Siegfried being the perfect warrior. However, every hero and every person, has a vulnerable spot, some are just more visible than others. While Siegfried was bathing in the dragons blood, a leaf from a linden tree had fallen between his shoulder blades, preventing this area from ever coming in contact with the blood, which leaves one, single
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Siegfried Character Analysis - Character Analysis "`He...

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