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Gutierrez 1 Miranda Gutierrez Professor Billy Clem English 220 6 September 2012 Fences August Wilson’sFencesis a dramatic play revolving around the life of Troy Maxon; an African American man resisting the changes brought on by the 1950’s.The protagonist of the story, Troy often embellishes much of his own life’s encounters when retelling them to whoever’s around to listen.He personifies death more than once, “Death ain’t nothing. I done seen him. Done wrasled with him” (10). And by doing so, his self-deluded images bring him a sense of pride, a feeling of self-righteousness.Troy has a relationship with all the characters in the play, and they take part in fueling his way of thinking he’s got it all figured out.Their contradictions to his stories and actions only build Troy’s complacent views, and he always has something to say about what someone else is doing.He doesn’t agree with his son, Lyons’s
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