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Key Concepts and Objectives

Hands demonstratehowtoproperlywashtheirhands

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Unformatted text preview: their hands within two attempts or less. hands Demonstrate how to properly wash their hands within two attempts or less. Demonstrating hand washing. Proper hand sanitation methods. Proper hand washing. 2C. At least 85% of participants will identify three reasons why a healthy diet is important to them. Healthy diet. Benefits of a healthy diet. Understanding the three reasons why a healthy diet is important. Importance of a healthy diet. Objectives Objectives 3.Inform participants of the value of exercise for both her and the baby and give her an overview of what the program is. Inform her of ways to stretch as an activity to keep them active. Not measurable. Use of “inform” – not measurable. It’s describing an activity, not an objective (written for facilitator vs. participants/ learners). Should be broken down into separate, simpler objectives. 4. At least 85% of children in the program will explain why you should wash your hands before eating or preparing food. By the end of this program at least...
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