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Unformatted text preview: ocedures and Time Procedures Provide step by step procedures If you weren’t able to deliver the presentation, someone familiar with the content should be able to follow your plan. Time Time Amount of time for each section Introduction (4 minutes) Calculating suggested daily caloric intake (7 minutes) Finding useful calorie counters (7 minutes) Developing and evaluating one­day menus (17 minutes) Closure (5 minutes) Methods and Strategies Methods Use three or more Whenever possible, have participants “doing” Clearly linked to objectives Help accomplish objectives Skills involved? Active participation required! Materials Materials List everything needed! Provide a copy of any handouts or materials that will be used Developmental/Cultural Appropriateness Appropriateness Age group Maturity level Reading level Culturally competent Integration Integration Linked to other subject areas Calorie counting (Math) Culturally diverse foods (Social Studies) Most appropriate in school settings Learning Adaptations Learning Those with special needs Provide materials/adaptations for: Visually impaired Hearing impaired Physically challenged Developmentally delayed NHES/ILS Standards NHES/ILS Review the National Health Education Standards Which are being addressed by your presentation? What Illinois Learning Standards are being addressed?...
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