Btw im adding one more 3 advanced unix programming

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Unformatted text preview: have the prereqs: 1.  C –  Don’t think about it if you don’t know C cold 2.  UNIX –  –  Must be comfortable at command line Don’t take the course if you never worked on UNIX 3.  Computer architecture –  –  Basic hardware knowledge: register, cache, bus, etc. Should be able to read simply assembly code: load, store, add, jmp, etc. 4.  Data structures –  Nothing fancy, but must be solid on the basics: list, tree, stack & queue Columbia courses: For 1 & 2: W3157 Advanced Programming For 3: W3827 Fundamentals of Computer Systems For 4: W3134, W3136, or W3137 Data Structures Reason 3: The (OMG) Workload This course has been two courses in one: (1) OS theory typically taught in basic OS course (2) Kernel hacking typically t...
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