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Unformatted text preview: assignments –  Some are individual, some are group assignments –  Some are short & light, some are long & heavy –  Assignments carry different weights •  Random grading –  Some assignments may not be graded –  But you won’t know un3l aOer the deadline –  HWs picked for grading will be 40% of your grade •  Late policy –  20% penalty aOer deadline up to 24 hours; zero aOerwards •  BoTom line: keep up by reading & coding on a daily basis Reason 7: 15 million lines of code •  “As of 2013, the Linux 3.10 release had 15,803,499 lines of code” –  Learn to navigate a large code base –  Learn to read code rather than documenta3ons that are oOen vague, out- of- date, or flat- out wrong •  But...
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