Then take it with professor jason nieh or professor

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Unformatted text preview: ass is full with 150 registered students Plus 47 in wait list as of last night •  Wait list is first come, first served –  Please don’t come to me with add/drop form –  Excep3on only at a CS faculty member’s request •  Theme for the rest of today’s lecture: 10 Reasons Why You Should Drop This Class Reason 1: It's Not You, It's Me… •  I’m not an OS researcher –  In fact I don’t do much research at all these days –  Interested in possibly joining OS research group? –  Then take it with Professor Jason Nieh or Professor Junfeng Yang •  This is my first 3me teaching OS class –  Lectures and homeworks will be made as we go –  We’ll be learning together •  In my defense, I’ve been told I’m a preTy good teacher Reason 2: Actually It’s You Come back when you...
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