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Unformatted text preview: use of that Jackie was able to excel alongside whites and negroes alike. In fact, in 1941 he was named to the All­American football team, which was a very prestigious honor, especially for a black player.2 That speaks greatly not only of Jackie’s athletic ability, but also of the fact that his teammates still played hard alongside him. Football is just as much of a team sport as baseball, and if one player isn’t playing up 1 2 http://www.jackierobinson.com/about/bio.html http://www.jackierobinson.com/about/bio.html to their full potential, the whole team suffers. That means that the white players on his team had to be supportive of what he did on the field and helped him succeed, leading to Jackie’s All­American honors. Jackie had to leave UCLA, and chose to enlist in the army during World War II. While at war, he fought alongside white men, earning their trust and exemplifying the ideal that black men could do the job of white men just as well as they could. He was promoted to a se...
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