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Unformatted text preview: cond lieutenant before his time in the army was over, so he had to have earned the trust and respect of his peers in order to be given such a responsibility. Jackie’s time in the army proved that he was able to work with whites, as well as gain their respect even though he was a negro. When Jackie returned from his services overseas, he was court­martialed for refusing to sit in the “black” section of a bus.3 This action was important in his life, because it showed that he was willing to stand up for his race, without becoming violent. He did not fight back, instead he accepted the charges pressed against him. Ever since Branch Rickey’s coaching days at Ohio Wesleyan University, he had been trying to push for the integration of professional baseball. In 1945, he pushed to create the “United States League,” which he called “a new circuit for black players” (p. 47)4 . He hoped that his model would be accepted by other influential members in baseball, but he was met with a lot of confus...
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