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Unformatted text preview: ion, as people didn’t think there needed to be a new Negro league, which Jackie Robinson was a member of after he returned home from the war. When he finally did sign Robinson after a long interview process, he had accomplished his 3 4 Baseball: A Film by Ken Burns. Dir. Ken Burns. PBS, 2003. DVD. Tygiel, Jules. Baseball's Great Experiment: Jackie Robinson and His Legacy. New York: Oxford UP, 1983. Print. goal. Or, rather, he was on his way to doing that; Robinson would have to do the rest of the work. And he excelled. Robinson was sent to Brooklyn’s minor league team in Montreal, where he played a full season, batting .349 and stealing 40 bases.5 The next season, he was sent to Spring Training with the Dodgers, where he excelled as well, and was given a spot on the team for the 1947 season. As a rookie, Robinson batted .297 with 175 hits, led the league with 29 stolen bases, hit 12 h...
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