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166 191 chapter 4 health 211 239 o taste matters

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Unformatted text preview: rs, Chapters 1,2 o Molecular Gastronomy, Part 2: The Physiology of Flavor, pgs 83- 102 and Part 3, Chapter 61- Yogurt pgs 209- 211 o Article “Genetic Variation in Taste and Its Influence on Food Selection” Watch o Grant Achatz’s Harvard Science and Cooking Lecture on Reinventing Food Texture & Flavor: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYDe3RASpa0&feature=edu&list =PL546CD09EA2399DAB Do o Respond to Food Journal Prompt 1 in your own Food Journal o Post to Class Forum: Commandments or Principles, You Decide by midnight Wednesday, Jan 29th, Comment by midnight Sunday, Feb 2nd o Lab 1: Fermentation of Milk Sugars on Thursday Jan 30th o Lab Group Wiki by midnight Thursday, February 6th Module 2- Food Safety; Food and Health (weeks 3 and 4) • • • Read o Volume 1 of Modernist Cuisine, Chapter 2 (as much of the chapter as you can stomach), Chapter 3 pgs. 166- 191, Chapter 4 Heal...
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