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Section 44 cooking methods and how they work from

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Unformatted text preview: ednesday, March 12th , Comment by 6 PM Thurs, March 13th o Lab 4: Cooking Sous Vide on Thursday March 6th (A) or March 13th (B) o Lab Wiki by midnight Thursday March 13th (A) or Monday, March 24th(B) SPRING BREAK SPRING BREAK SPRING BREAK SPRING BREAK SPRING BREAK Molecular Gastronomy Spring2014 Module 5- Meat and Seafood; Plant Foods • • • Modernist Cuisine (MYB) Volume 3 Chapters 11- 12 Section 4.2- Color of Food from “Molecular Gastronomy”, pg. 334- 336 Watch Wylie Dufresne’s Harvard Science and Cooking Lecture on Proteins & Enzymes: Transglutaminase: CD09EA2399DAB Week 10- Thickeners; Gels • • • Volume 4 of Modernist Cuisine, Chapters 13- 14...
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