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Week 15 6 may syllabus wrap up molecular

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Unformatted text preview: 14 Wheeler C. Wheel Vu Frm WEEK 13 CryoCui Sous Vide 3- Apr WEEK 12 Thickeners; Gels WEEK 11 CryoCui Eggs mulsions E 1- Apr 27- Mar Yogurt Lacinski ‘89 Side Hill Farm 6- Mar Cooking Sous Vide 25- Mar WEEK 9 WEEK 10 Eating with All Senses 11- Mar Spring Break Yogurt 13- Feb 6- Feb Nutrition and Eggs 11- Feb M3W5 Emulsions People’s Pint Foams Foams 10- Apr Wine/Cheese; Coffee/Chocolate 17- Apr 24- Apr Esselon Roaster Special Topics 1- May WEEK 15 6- May Syllabus Wrap Up Molecular Gastronomy Spring2014 Module 1 History; Microbiology; Physiology of Flavor, Nutrition (weeks 1 and 2) • • • Read o Volume 1 of Modernist Cuisine, Chapter 1 (pages 14- 60 up to “The Culinary Life of a Cryogen”) o Taste Matte...
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