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Unformatted text preview: th 211- 239 o Taste Matters, Chapter 7 “Just Disgusting” o Molecular Gastronomy, 33 Food Allergies 121- 123 and Public Health Alerts, pgs 124- 126 o Opponency of astringent and fat sensations”: biology/pdf/PIIS0960982212009451.pdf?intermediate=true Watch o Carles Tejedor’s Harvard Science and Cooking Lecture on Olive Oil and Viscosity: =PL546CD09EA2399DAB Do o Food Journal (include class visitor, Mr. Charlie Thompson, Val) o Post to Class Forum: A Taste for the Disgusting by 6 PM Wednesday, Feb 5th, Comment by 6 PM Thurs, Feb 6th o Lab 2: The Incredible Egg on Thursday Feb 6th (A) or Feb 13th (B) o Lab Group Wiki by midnight Thursday Feb 20th (A) or Feb 27th(B) Molecular Gastronomy Spring2014 Module 3- The Physics of Food and H2O; Traditional Cooking (weeks 5 - 6) • • • Rea...
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