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CHEM100 Lab 3 Cryogenic Cuisine

More sugar can be added to taste once the sugar is

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Unformatted text preview: is best to pour it over snow without agitating it. If a ladle, cup or spoon is repeatedly dipped in the thickened syrup, the syrup will crystallize 2 Molecular Gastronomy Spring2014 B: Cryo- Ciliegine Challenge (20 minutes + 10 minutes judging) Each group will choose a culinary judge who will leave the room to get a crash course on the evaluation of food. The remaining group members will be given a basket that contains 4- 5 SURPRISE ingredients. Your supply of liquid nitrogen from Part A will be replenished. Your challenge: To collaborate in preparing a cryo chilled appetizer using all the ingredients and as many of the cryo- techniques as you can in TWENTY MINUTES. To prepare yourself for this section befo...
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