CPE 151 quiz 13

Answer true false correct mark s for this s ubmis

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Unformatted text preview: and to a second flip- flop which is 787µm away. If the wiring delay from the clock generator Mark s : to the first flip- flop is 28.1psec, what is the skew in picoseconds between the clocks 0/2 after they arrive at the flip- flops? Neglect the input capacitance of the flip- flops. 5 Answer: Incorrect Correct answer: 17.0 Mark s for this s ubmis s ion: 0/2. Finis h review You are logged in as Juan Carlos Torres (Logout) EEE 234/CpE 151 c li. ec s . c s us . edu/ m od/ quiz/ rev iew. php?q=14&at t em pt =26925 3/ 3...
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This test prep was uploaded on 02/16/2014 for the course CPE 151 taught by Professor Heedley during the Fall '08 term at CSU Sacramento.

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