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If a 1432 mhz clock is used with a mark s maximum

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Unformatted text preview: er: - 20.0 Mark s for this s ubmis s ion: 0/2. 4 Mark s : 2/2 For setup time analysis, a positive “timing margin” means the data is stable before the clock edge for more than the setup time. Answer: True False Correct Mark s for this s ubmis s ion: 2/2. His tory of Res pons es : # Action Response Time Raw score Grade 1 Grade True 11:32:52 on 25/11/12 2 2 2 Close&Grade True 11:32:56 on 25/11/12 2 2 2/ 3 11/ 25/ 12 EEE 234/ C pE 151: Quiz 8 - VLSI c loc k ing A clock is routed from a clock generator to a flip- flop which is 621µm away,...
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