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digits int differenceofdigits valueofmaxdigit

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Unformatted text preview: dex != digits) { int difference_of_digits = value_of_max_digit - digit_at_MSI; int lower_power = Power_of_Ten(max_digit_index-1); new_n = n + (power-lower_power)*difference_of_digits; } return new_n; } 14 The method Max Perm(int n) public static int Max_Perm(int n) { int upper_n; int lower_n; int digits = Num_of_Digits(n); int power= Power_of_Ten(digits); for(int i = digits; i>1; i =i-1) { upper_n= n/power; lower_n= n%power; lower_n= Permutation_with_Max_Digit_at_MSI(lower_n,i); n = upper_n*power+ lower_n; power = power/10; } return n; } 15 P : Computing Max Perm for an integer P : MaxPerm(n) Q: Num_of_Digits(m) Power_of_Ten(i) Perm_with_Largest_Digit_at_MSI(n) Max_Digit_Index(n,digits) 16 Value_of_Digit_at_Index(n,index) II : Common Steps in Problem Solving 1. Und...
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