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What should be clever prisoner position3m based on the

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Unformatted text preview: be Clever Prisoner Position(3,m) ? Based on the key idea of previous slide there are two cases : 1. Unlucky Position(3,m)>i : 2. Unlucky Position(3,m)<=i : Clever Prisoner Position(3,m)=i Clever Prisoner Position(3,m)=i+1 24 Solving the problem in full generality Let Clever Prisoner Position(n,m) = i. There are two cases : 1. Unlucky Position(n+1,m)>i : Clever Prisoner Position(n+1,m)=i 2. Unlucky Position(n+1,m)<=i : Clever Prisoner Position(n+1,m)=i+1 Solve the problem bottom up using a for loop (the complete code is available on the course webpage, enjoy ...) 25...
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