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BIOL 4770 Current Appl. of Biotechnology Spring 2002 Exam II Exam Scoring Record your answers in the spaces provided. If you require more space for any of the essay 1. _______/21 questions use the back of the page on which the question is printed. Read each question 2. _______/21 carefully. The essay questions often have multiple parts. Make sure you have answered 3. _______/21 each of them so that you will not lose points due to simple omission. The maximum points 4. _______/21 possible on this exam is 105 (including 5 bonus points) 5. _______/21 _______/105 Total Points 1. What is a shuttle vector? Draw and label a hypothetical one. Why are these often necessary in biotechnology? 2. Describe/diagram a protocol that might be used to increase the stability (e.g. thermal or biological/shelf half-life) of a protein that involves cystein residues.
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Unformatted text preview: What re two reasons why this may be useful or needed? 3. Give three examples (in some detail) of protocols/methods used to carry out directed mutagenesis of cloned genes/proteins. 4. Give four examples of posttranslational modifications of eukaryotic proteins, which may affect the function of the product and an example of why it can be a problem if they are not done or done incorrectly. 5. Explain the importance of each of these in your choice of expression vectors for expressing a cloned gene product in prokaryotic cells (what is the function of each and why are they important/necessary). a. promoter (strength/regulation) b. ribosome binding site c. transcriptional terminator d. origin of replication e. multiple cloning site f. selectable marker(s) g. vector copy number...
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