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8 structural characteristics click here for listening

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Unformatted text preview: rtant role, such as the annual COGIC (Church of God in Christ) Convention in Memphis, Tennessee, hosts delegations from as far away as Africa, Haiti and London. The gospel- music performing United Choir at this convention frequently consists of several thousand singers. The recording industry is also producing gospel music recordings of both famous and not famous musicians. Hence, although gospel music may have arisen as a specific expression of African American culture at an earlier time in American history, it continues to be tremendously popular as it also influences and shapes the musical traditions of America as a whole. SIDETRIP 9A: CAMP MEETINGS, BUSH MEETINGS AND “SHOUTS” Throughout the 19th century, black and white churches, especially those affiliated with the Methodist and Baptist denominations, sponsored “camp meetings.” Advertisements for meetings were printed in newspapers that would inform people of the date, time and place of the meetings, and sponsoring or supporting organizations would provide transportation from the cities to the wooded sites out of town where the meetings were held. As many as five thousand people would attend one of these gatherings, and the events could last from a couple of days to a week. People would assemble under large tents and listen to preachers, sing songs, and generally participate in spiritual renewal. Although the white and black camp meetings were segregated, in the separate black church gatherings, some whites attended both as participants and as guest...
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