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A multi faceted musician in his earlier career he was

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Unformatted text preview: als are homophonic, but still in direct performance style. Gospel songs are accompanied by instruments such as the piano, organ, and drums and this instrumental accompaniment is considered integral to the performance. Spirituals, on the other hand, are sung without accompaniment (a capella) or with simple, understated accompaniment. Gospel is sung by an 10 Southern, Eileen. The Music of Black Americans. Pp. 452- 453. 10 Crossroads: Music of American Cultures (Barkley) Kendall Hunt Publishers, 2013 ensemble; spirituals (except in concert arrangements for choirs) are sung by soloists. In terms of form, gospel typically uses strophic forms, with verses and refrains. The songs tend to be organized in 8- bar phrases, grouped together in units of 16 measures or 32 measures. Spirituals are often organized into single melodies that are repeated, represented by the letters a, a, a, or sometimes a b. Texts of Spirituals and Gospel An additional important distinction is in the texts. The lyrics to gospel songs are poems that concentrate on a single theme such as conversion, salvation, and yearning for spirituality. This theme is stressed through the repetition of phrases. Gospel texts are subjective and tend to exhort the singers to be good and to do right. Spiritual texts are group- oriented and tend to tell stories about Biblical events.11 Gospel Stylistic Development As gospel music moved out of the churches and became more p...
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