In franklins own words its taken me these 10 years and

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Unformatted text preview: dge (repeated once) and a freely improvised section. If represented in letters, it could be A A B A B (C) A Now listen to it a second time use the timing guide below to follow the form: Edwin Hawkins Singers: “Oh Happy Day” Timing Section Description :00 Introduction Instrumental introduction establishes the harmony, rhythm and tempo :21 Verse 1 Female singer begins call- and- response interaction with backup choir :51 Verse 1 Repeated Repeat of Verse 1 in same manner 1:19 Bridge Contrasting section sung primarily by choir, with soloist providing counter melody 1:53 Verse 1 Repeated Repeat of basic first verse in same manner, sung by soloist in interaction with backup choir 2:21 Bridge Repeat of contrasting section section sung primarily by choir, with soloist providing counter melody 2:54 Free Improvised Section Call- and- response between soloist and choir on “Oh Happy Day” 4:17 Verse 1 Repeated Repeat of Verse 1 4:47 Ending Fade out on “Oh Happy Day” STYLISTIC CATEGORIES 13 Traditional Gospel This is the form of gospel that developed from three major influences in the historical and social context of African Americans: jubilee quartets, the tabernacle songs of Reverend C. Albert Tindley, and the Pentecostal Revival. It is vocal music, often sung by an individual in conjunction with a choir and employing the kind of call- and- response textures so rooted in African traditions. The lyrics are on Christian topics, and the instrumentation uses organ or piano, drums, bass guitar, and occas...
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