A student who is new to that subject is a novice and

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Unformatted text preview: complex networks. Thus from the perspective of neuroscience, learning is long- lasting change in neuronal networks. When we are learning “actively,” we are helping our brains grow dendrites that activate and build on existing neuronal networks. What We Know from Cognitive Psychology Cognitive psychologists call this network of associations a schema, or in plural form, schemata. A schema consists of facts and ideas organized into a meaningful system of relationships. For example, our brains have schemata for events, places, procedures, and people. You are a college student, and your brain has a schema for the college in which you are enrolled. When you think about your college, your brain’s schema might include concepts such as how much time it typically takes you to look for a parking place, the architectural style of the Admissions building, and memories of courses, classrooms, professors, and fellow students. Your schema is the organized collection of bits of information that have gone into constructing your unique and individual concept of the college. Another student’s schema of the same college would be quite different, even if in other respects they were similar to you. Furthermore, one can easily imagine the ‘rich’ schema that would be in the mind of a student who has been at that college for many years and contrast it with the relatively sparse schema of someone who had simply heard of the college. The potential for errors and misunderstanding is readily apparent if you think about the erroneous connections that would result if someone confused the college with another college with a closely related name or a college that has the same name but is located in a different state. For 3 Crossroads: Popular Music in America (Barkley) Kendall Hunt Publishers, 2013 example, there are nine colleges or universities in the United States that begin with “St. John’s” as well as one that starts with “St. Johns.” How important well- developed schemata are is evident in research on the differences between the learning of novices and experts. A college professor who is an expert in a subject quickly grasps new information about the subject because there are already a large number of connections to existing k...
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