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Unformatted text preview: the workplace as well as everyday life. Adapting means being able to adjust to new circumstances, and that is what “learning” means. If you are able to learn quickly, you will be able to adapt efficiently and effectively. Becoming aware of yourself as a learner will help you develop an important skill in today’s world: metacognition. Metacognition means that you are aware at a “meta” level of how you are thinking. It means you are trying to understand what it is you are doing, how you prefer to do it, and how you learn in relation to others. Taking your learning seriously while you are in college will help you build the complex neuronal networks that will prepare you for a lifetime of continued learning, which will not only help you to survive, but to thrive. How I Want to Help You Learn “Actively” To help you learn “actively,” I have identified three broad approaches that I have integrated throughout each chapter: acquiring foundational knowledge, application, and reflection. Foundational Knowledge To learn at any level of depth about something, we need first to acquire some basic information. The combination of vocabulary, facts, concepts, and perspectives provides us with the raw material we need to think about the subject at a more sophisticated cognitive level. It is this information that is the “what” of a course’s content and that 8 Crossroads: Popular Music in America (Barkley) Kendall Hunt Publishers, 2013 provides the basis for other kinds of learning. We also need to be able to recall this information. Understanding and remembering knowledge is the foundation of most learning taxonomies and so we must start there. I will try to help you learn and remember the foundational knowledge for this course by presenting informa...
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