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Unformatted text preview: with the Red Power movement. She continues to record and perform and to contribute her support to for a variety of philanthropic efforts on behalf of Native Americans. Listening Example: My Country Tis of Thy People You’re Dying Tom Bee Tom Bee was adopted at birth and raised in Gallup, New Mexico, known as the “Heart of Indian Country” because it is in the middle of many Native American reservations and home to many tribes. He is the founder of the 1970s Native American rock band called XIT (“X” stands for “crossing” and IT for Indian Tribes), which became the influential voice of the Native American resistance movement called AIM (American Indian Movement). The band’s lyrics focus on Native American themes and issues of both historical and contemporary importance. For example their 1972 debut album, titled The Plight of the Redman, talks about the impact of European conquest and colonization on Native American culture. In 1989, be founded SOAR (Sound of America Records) primarily to provide recording opportunities for Native American music. Bee was also instrumental in pressuring the music industry to create a Grammy award category to honor Native American music, and his field recording of Native American powwow music was the first recipient of that award. He has also received many other awards, including a lifetime achievement award by First Americans in the Arts as well as by the Nammys (Native American Music Awards). Listening Example: Plight of the Redman Douglas Spotted Eagle Although Douglas Spotted Eagle does not actually claim Native American tribal membership, he grew up with Navaho and Lakota families, was given his Indian name by these families when he was a young teenager, and has specialized in both producing and recording his own Native American or Native American influenced music. With Tom Bee, he produced the first album to win the new Grammy award for Native American music. As a flautist, he has created several albums of native American influenced music in the New Age genre. He is also a filmmaker, and has dedicated his life to supporting various efforts to improve the lives and opportunities for Native Americans. Listening Example: Closer to Far Away 28 Crossroads: Music of American Cultures (Barkley)...
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