When europeans came to colonize beginning in the 15th

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Unformatted text preview: repetition of phrases. Young Bear Intertribal: A Field Recording at 40th Anniversary of the Oneida Powwow released in 2013 Drum Groups sing in two basic styles, 22 Crossroads: Music of American Cultures (Barkley) Kendall Hunt Publishers, 2013 Sacred Music In addition to the social music of the pan- Indian movement, there is also religious and sacred music. This category contains a wide range of pan- Indian, tribal, and individual music. For example it contains music of the Native American Church, which has its own songs generally referred to as “peyote” music because of the use of peyote in some of the Church’s spiritual ceremonies. There is also religious function music such as the Sundance, Yuwipi, Stomp dance, or harvest songs. Discussion of religious and sacred music has been left out of this chapter out of Listen to the fast, additive beat of the Four Native American drum; the men singing in heterophonic Peyote Songs texture; and the instrumentation which includes not only the basic drums but idiophone rattles and the formal repetition of the phrases. 23 Crossroads: Music of American Cultures (Barkley) Kendall Hunt Publishers, 2013 Social Conscious With the ness Music general social changes and the Civil Rights movement in the 1960s, Native American musicians such as Buffy Sainte Marie and the members of the band “Redbone” attempted to reconcile their traditions with societal changes. Buffy Sainte Marie wrote poignant and powerful songs about Native American issues as part of the Urban Folk Revival, and Tom Bee and his Native American rock group XIT became the anthem group of the American Indian Movement (AIM) during their sieges at Wounded Knee and Alcatraz. For lack of a This powerful song uses the American patriotic song, “My Country Tis of Thee” as a reference for a re- telling of American history from the Native American perspective. It is sung by Buffy Sainte Marie, one of the most important and influential Native American musicians who is described in more depth in the “Key Musicians” section. A second example is “Plight of the Redman” by the anthem group of AIM, Original XIT. My Country Tis of Thy People You’re Dying by Buffy Sainte- Marie Plight of the Redman by Original XIT 24 Crossroads: Music of American Cultures (Barkley) Kendall Hunt Publishers, 2013 Native AmericanInfluenced New Age Listen to the peaceful beginning that uses "New Age" is synthesized instruments to introduce the a term that Native American flute and a simple, began being repeated melody. applied in the mid- 1980s as a catchall designation for various fusions musics that did not fit in other music industry categories. The term itself was applied because this kind of music was very successfully sold in "alternative" places such as bookstores, massage and meditation centers, health food stores, and other locations in which the "New Age" movement thrived. Native American music traditions have been incorporated into the New Age genre in several ways. One way is to integrate selected Closer to Far Away by Douglas Spotted Eagle 25 Crossroads: Music of American Cultures (Barkley) Kendall Hunt Publishers, 2013 Contempor ary Native American Music In 1988, Tom Bee (the lead singer of XIT) founded SOAR Records, which has become a major label for recording Native American and Native American- influenced music. Ten years later, the Native American Music Association founded the Nammys, the Native American Music Awards. These awards honor both Na...
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