I chose where is the love from their elephunk album

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Unformatted text preview: Hunt Publishers, 2013 There’s a reason why “Geronimo!” was the original code name for the raid that killed Osama bin Laden in 2011 and it is also the word shouted by U.S. paratroopers to show their courage when they jump out of airplanes: Geronimo was fearless. There’s a reason why Geronimo was fearless, and his story is one of many extraordinary stories in Native American history. Geronimo was an Apache Indian born in 1829 in what is presently New Mexico. When he was about 17, he married another Apache, Alope, and together they had three children. One day, when Geronimo was in town on a trading trip, Mexican soldiers attacked the camp and killed the inhabitants, including Geronimo’s mother, wife, and three children. When Geronimo returned home he was devastated by what he found, set fire to his family’s belongings, and went into the wilderness to grieve. He later explained that there, alone and crying, he had a mystical experience in which he heard a voice that promised him tha...
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