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It is also shaped by the degree to which an

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Unformatted text preview: ability, and sexual preference. We refer to the differences between urban and rural social cultures, “Southern” and “Western” regional cultures, and even “community college” and “research university” campus cultures. In music, there are clear differences in the cultures surrounding symphony orchestra players, folksingers, and pop stars. Ethnicity and Culture One type of a group that possesses a culture is an ethnic group. Ethnicity refers to a group with a shared culture based on ancestral national origin (German) or religion (Jewish). In the national census, U.S. citizens categorized themselves into over 200 different ethnic groups. Thus Americans possess a complex blend of the larger “American” culture (sometimes referred to as “mainstream” culture) and one or more ethnic cultures. The degree to which one identifies with the larger American culture or one’s more specific “e...
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