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There is also a link to a pdf on the read intro page

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Unformatted text preview: lackboard”) rather than in this textbook. 2. Read: Read the series of pages that comprise the narraEve porEon of the chapter. These typically include Intro, Historical and Social Context, Structural CharacterisEcs, StylisEc Categories, and Key Musicians. There is also a link to a PDF on the Read Intro page that includes the Read and “3. Apply” (Lab) narraEves for your convenience. 3. Apply: Read the “Lab,” and listen to the music examples on the chapter’s Rhapsody Playlist by either clicking on the link or copying the URL into a new browser window. The first Eme you logon to Rhapsody it will guide you through registraEon, which was paid for as part of this digital textbook. (There is also a link to request help from Rhapsody if you have problems.) Keep track of your answers to Lab quesEons in order score high on the “Lab Quiz” assessment you...
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