Hence the ow rate va cos va even though the area a is

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Unformatted text preview: oss-section, but it works for any cross-section. Hence the flow rate vAθ cos θ = vA. Even though the area Aθ is larger than A (by a factor of cos θ), the height/width of the slanted Page 1 of 3 Math 1920 Workshop 1: Work and Flux Solutions column is smaller than v by the same factor. Hence the volumes and flow rates, in part a and b are the same. One can also imagine a deck of cards, with cards laid horizontally along the arrows shown in the figure. Deck in figure (b) is a displaced version of the deck in figure (a), and hence has the same volume. c) In part a, the velocity field is v = vˆ and the area vector S = Aˆ. The flux is v · S = vA....
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