If the work done by a force eld from point a to point

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Unformatted text preview: overall, you should run. TAKE HOME POINTS: applications of dot product • Work done by a force F , which is constant over a straight path of displacement s is F · s. • If the work done by a force field from point A to point B is independent of the path taken from A to B, then the force field is called conservative. Such force fields (e.g. gravity) are not uncommon and have special properties, to be seen in future. Page 2 of 3 Math 1920 Workshop 1: Work and Flux Solutions • Flux of a vector field v , which is constant over an area S is v · S . • Area vector S , is a vector whose magnitude is the area and direction normal to the area. • Flux of a velocity field in a pipe is same as the volumetric flow rate, and it is independent of the cut made on the pipe, i.e independent of the direction of the area vector S. • It is better to run in rain! Page 3 of 3...
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