Thus the work done along this path from a to c is

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Unformatted text preview: ero. Thus the work done along this path from A to C is negative. b) F is not conservative. Consider if we traveled from A to C via point B instead– the work done along this path is positive (why?), so the work cannot be path–independent. Problem 2: Flux through a Pipe a) Assuming that the fluid velocity is the same over the entire cross-section, the volumetric flow rate is then 5 m/s × 3 m2 = 15 m3 /s. Why? Consider a column of fluid of area A = 3 m2 and width v = 5 m, as shown in the part (a) of figure below. This is the amount of liquid that will flow through A in 1 second. The volume of this liquid is vA = 15 m3 , a...
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