Where i the ux is v s va cos va n is at an angle with

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Unformatted text preview: i i In part b, the velocity field is the same: v = vˆ but the area vector S = Aθ n. Where i ˆ. The flux is v · S = vAθ cos θ = vA. n is at an angle θ with i Flux v · S of a vector v over an area S is magnitude of the area times the component of v along the normal direction. In part b), the area increases, but component of the velocity, normal to the area, decreases by the same factor. The flux is the same. Problem 3: Rain We can solve this problem in a similar way to problem 2, i.e. the volumetric flow rate of the rain = flux = product of the surface area and the dot product of the rain velocity and unit normal to the...
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