I the regression yields i 31183 2684 di i 1

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Unformatted text preview: j =1 å w2 jY j ) x j − x2 k ( xk − x2 ) 2 So by regrouping terms we have: (3) ö ö n1 æ n w n ænw  β1 = å i =1 ç 1 1i ÷ Yi + å j2=1 ç 2 2 j ÷ Y j è n1 + n2 ø è n1 + n2 ø ~ and may conclude that β 1 is a linear unbiased estimator of β 1 . Thus by the ~ ˆ Gauss-Markov Theorem, it follows that β must be more efficient than β . 1 1 6. (i) The regression yields: νi = −311.83 + 26.84 di , i = 1,.., 45 slope: Each additional inch of diameter adds about 27 cu ft of lumber volume. intercept: The negative intercept has no physical meaning. (In fact, 100 ft trees cannot have diameters close to zero. So the true mean rela...
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