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Exam 1 human ageing take home

Exam 1 human ageing take home - Justen Franklin Oct 15 2006...

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Justen Franklin Oct. 15, 2006 Zoology 3313 Dr. Mills Take Home Question from Exam 1; Free Radical Theory The Free Radical Theory is an easy but scientific based with the body’s Biochemistry. The theory also has a lot to do with the environment we live in today as well. The idea behind the theory is that radicals will hit your body, go through your body and mutate it. This is leading to DNA replication that is damaged and will continue to be damaged. With this whole process happening constantly. The idea is purely chemistry based though. To understand this idea you need to understand some concepts first. A radical is a molecule that is unbalanced and missing an election. The radical is something that we can not see with the human eye but only microscopic. A radical’s purpose in life like any molecule is to be happy with its balance, meaning with must have all the lone pairs it needs. This is what it is stealing from your body. As the molecule is passing through your body it will grab another molecule or electron from a chemical in your body. Usually this is Hydrogen because of
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