2010 BME 259 Problem Set 6 Solutions

In the figure position 1 at the entrance to the

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Unformatted text preview: figure, position 1: At the entrance to the curved region, low values of Re and a/R, the profile is parabolic. In the figure, position 2: As curvature and/or Re increase, the axial velocity becomes skewed towards the outer walls. In the figure, position 3: At high values of curvature there is a steep boundary layer near the outer wall. (c) Explain why secondary flows would be present in the vessel. Secondary flows arise due to inertial forces which push fluid towards the outside. (d) How would the velocity profile be affected by the curvature of the vessel? As curvature increases, secondary flows become more prominent. See Figure 5.12. 2. Problem 5.10 Murray's law provides a relationship between flow rate and radius that minimizes the overall power for steady flow of a Newtonian fluid. Murray posited that a cost function for the overall power of the circulatory system represented a balance between the power to pump blood and the metabolic consumption rate. The power...
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