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33 seconds is oxygen diffusion across the alveolus a

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Unformatted text preview: conds. Is oxygen diffusion across the alveolus a significant factor in the time required for the hemoglobin to oxygenate as it transverses the capillary? Solution See Table 1.5 in the text for values of , With a diffusion time of 0.0005 sec, diffusion is much faster than reaction time of 0.33 s, so diffusion does not delay the oxygenation process. 3. The permeability of normal rabbit arterial endothelium to LDL is 5 x 10 -9 cm/sec. The diffusion coefficient of LDL in the rabbit arterial wall is 1 x 10 -10 cm2/sec. The rabbit aorta thickness is 150 m. a. Determine the Biot Number Solution b. What does this result indicate about the endothelium as a barrier to LDL transport? Solution The result indicates that the resistance to LDL transpor t provided by the endothelium is similar to that provided by the arterial wall. 4. During exercise, the cardiac output can rise to 25 L/min from a resting level of 5 L/min. The heart...
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