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MAMMALIAN PHYSIOLOGY LAB MIDTERM REVIEW 1. Be able to use data base research methods. 2. Make sure you are familiar with the IACUC and its role? 3. Be able to explain in detail about osmosis and diffusion. Be able to explain and recognize how hypotonic, isotonic and hypertonic solutions affect red blood cells and elodea. 4. What is homeostasis? What components are necessary for homeostasis? Explain negative and positive feedback systems and give examples of each. 5. Be familiar with the structure and function of the Renilla. Re-read the article. 6. Understand the structure and functions of neurons. 7. What are the four types of ion channels discussed in lab? 8. What is the difference between an action potential and a graded potential? 9. Be able to explain how an action potential is generated. 10. What is the difference between an agonist and an antagonist? 11. What is the pathway of neuronal transmission?
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Unformatted text preview: 12. What are the three layers of the heart? 13. Know how to label the chambers and valves of the heart. 14. What is the difference between systemic and pulmonary circuits? and know how to trace blood through the pulmonary system and the systemic system. 15. Define the difeerent types of arythmias discussed in lab? 16. Be able to explain the cardiac cycle. 17. Be able to explain cardiovascular diseases and treatments for each. 18. What is normal pulse rate? Where can we determine a person’s pulse rate? 19. What are the three layers of the heart? 20. Have an understanding of arteries and veins. Know their structure, function and the pathway of blood from the heart to the tissue and back to the heart. 21. Be able to explain all the chemicals involved in the goldfish lab and what happens to the vessels when placed on the tail. 22. What is the purpose of the GSR?...
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