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Review for EXAM 2 SS2.3 -Know average rate of change, instantaneous rate of change, distance, velocity & speed, acceleration and marginal -Work on word problems* SS2.4 -Know Theorem 3,4, example 1, Derivative of trigonometric function(page 150)* -What is jerk? SS2.5 -Know Chain Rule(Need to practice problems. Some problems are combination of product rule and chain rule and so on)* SS2.6 -EX1,2, and 3 -Know normal line EX4 SS2.7 -Word problem (Practice problems). The key thing is you need to form an equation
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Unformatted text preview: before you do the implicit derivative.* SS3.1-Know how to determine end points, local max/min, abs max/min, and critical points*. SS3.2-Know Mean Value Thm, Corollary 1, Corollary 2*-Can determine where the function is increasing or decreasing SS3.3-EX1,EX2* (I will ask you to show your work not from reading from the graph) SS3.4-Know concave up/down and how to determine(2 nd derivative)*-Know how to find point of inflection*-Ex6,EX7*...
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